Quality Control

DataEntryHelp is dedicated to maintain the highest quality and standard at every phase of processing. In this purpose we maintain a superior quality control system with our technology and infrastructure to gain the highest degree of accuracy as per specifications and requirements of clients.

We maintain the following standard procedures for quality control :-
After getting the work assignment from client's end, we carefully scrutinize the instructions, specifications and the other details submitted by the client. Then we formulate the instructions & guidelines for Data Entry Operators to avoid any misunderstanding. After that each operator has to undergo extensive training with sample to make sure that they have understood the specifications properly.

Then the project is divided into batches and each batch is assigned with a Keying Specification Instruction Sheet.

We always maintain double entry system to maintain highest level of accuracy. After data has been keyed once, it is keyed again by a second independent operator. As each keystroke is performed, the system can easily detect any differences. These are immediately reviewed and amended by column and row by row.

All items are carefully cross checked by Quality Analysts and Data Entry Auditors to ensure 99.98% accuracy before making the final delivery to the client as per the suggestions and specifications.

While assigning the data entry program for each project, we always apply field edits and validations as well as table lookups, formulas, and data-type restrictions.

We have a team of experienced and talented professionals who have excellent communication skills and highly speed typing skill to ensure quality work in the shortest possible time.

We always maintain an easy communication system with our clients through a phone, chatting through any IM, Email communication or through net-meetings. 
We can deliver the final output files in the output formats as preferred by clients. During this whole procedure data will be kept fully confidential and secured in our server.