Quality Control

Quality Control

Data entry and data processing is a serious service. Slightest inattention can bring about cascading errors that can reverberate for long. For this reason, data processing quality control is very important. DataEntryHelp quality assurance team works hard to make sure your data remains of pristine quality.

It wouldn't do to take a job and botch it through sheer lack of attention to details, would it? At DataEntryHelp (a sister concern of Global Associates), we take hard steps to ensure that your precious data remains healthy and error free, in all the phases of processing. The goal of data quality assessment and control is to ensure the generation of precise, accurate, and reproducible data.

How Do We Assure Data Quality

Our data quality control is divided into three segments depending upon when it happens.

Quality Assurance Before Data Collection

At this point, we are collecting incoming data. We take serious measures to ensure that this incoming data is not corrupted in any way, because a failure at this point means the error will propagate through the whole process bundling up.

To make sure the data is loaded correctly, we take the following steps:

  • Defining formats and locations precisely.
  • Taking care that special and encrypted values are loaded correctly in place.
  • Ensuring correct units of measurements.

The incoming data quality assurance tasks are divided among quality team members, and excellent teamwork upholds the data integrity. Special attention is given towards metadata, with steps undertaken to associate it with subliminal candidate values.

Quality Control and Assurance During Data Entry

The actual data entry is the phase where mistakes happen the most. Understandably, doing the same repetitive work hour after hour can make one's mind go to sleep. So, we take specific steps to make sure our staff are alert and perform random checks.

  • Automated screener scripts check data mesh as it builds.
  • Independent redundant data processing systems make sure that we don't put all eggs in one basket.
  • Efficient encrypted cloud storage systems ensure there aren't any physical defects in data.
  • Maintaining separate documentation for unexpected modification and metadata control.

Besides these, our quality control process includes the following metrics and checks to ensure the accuracy of the data entry process:

  • Double data entry
  • Table lookups
  • Field edits and validation
  • Sample checking of data that has been entered
  • Manual verification of data that has been entered
  • Training, training and more training of our data entry operators

Special care is taken for validating fields for addresses, postal codes, emails, phone numbers etc. This includes custom formulas, check-digit lookups, re-key verifications etc.

Quality Control During Deployment

DataEntryHelp makes sure the data is future proof. We perform various procedures on the data before and while uploading to ensure it remains as perfect as possible. And we can boast a 99.9% accuracy rate through these checks, something few can do.

Not only that, we include reports for the inconsistencies and incongruities found in the data while processing as well. This consists of some known faults that can't be fixed, sampling issues, blank fields, etc. On request, we will attach statistics and/or samples of QC-negative outputs as well, to give you the clear idea of what may get wrong and how much we have fixed up.

Advantages of outsourcing to DataEntryHelp

Regular and Consistent Update

You will be able to access your updated data all the time since it will be constantly and consistently added and updated in real-time.

Optimize your time and resources

Data processing takes up a lot of valuable time and resources of the company if done in-house. You can save that by outsourcing your data processing needs to an offshore company, like Global Associates, in India.

Easy conversion

Getting buried under mountains of documents in your office? Convert all your paper documents into a digital database using one of our document digitization services today!

Save money

Don't waste your money on hiring local data entry operators who are expensive for the service they can provide. Our fleets of experienced staff can handle your data entry needs very cost-effectively, because of the economic difference.

Safe and secure

We use the latest technology in storing and transmitting data with zero leaks and consistent backups. Your data is safe in our hands!