Data Mining Companies India

Internet is a great source to communicate and exchange information flexibly. Business organizations require this information to make effective business decision. So, the business organizations always in need to transform the raw data into constructive meaningful information. Data transformation and Data testing are an extremely vital method to make the process successful. Here lies the importance of Data mining services.

Data mining is one type of data processing system in which sophisticated data search capabilities, data analysis techniques and superior statistical tools are utilized for analyzing the quality of date in a large database to ensure its exactness and completeness.

Many business firms are outsourcing this type of back office services to offshore companies like in India for minimizing their overhead costs.

DataEntryHelp, a leading offshore firm from India, can undertake huge volume of data mining services to put the tremendous flow of data in a readily workable format.

DataEntryHelp has a team of dedicated professionals comprising of business analysts, statistical modelers, IT professionals & data mining operators who can provide superior quality data mining services.

Data Mining Companies India

The following sectors can be benefitted from our services:-

  • Organizers of trade fairs
  • All public & sectors (appraising and improving program performance)
  • Insurance & banking industries (identify scam and for the use of risk assessment )
  • E-Marketing Companies
  • Medical facilities and schools (prediction for the effectiveness of medical merchandises or processes)
  • Travel Agencies
  • Pharmaceutical companies (explore extensively on new medical treatments for genetic material and chemical compounds)
  • e-commerce (product updates like prices, product availability or product specifications)
  • Publishers of Books, Magazines etc.
  • Airline
  • Telecom
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • online and offline retail business (evaluating existing data to forecast useful product selection decisions)
  • Webhosting & Design companies looking for clients
  • industrial automation
  • Companies looking for specific products/suppliers

DataEntryHelp can offer the following data mining services :-

  • Collecting data from websites into output formats like MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, CSV formats or any other format as specified by clients
  • Formation of mailing lists giving information with contact name, title, company information, address, telephone, fax, contact email, website etc. to be utilized for marketing and advertisements.
  • Retrieve lists of new prospective customers for direct marketing
  • Searching & collecting contact information from websites
  • Using software to extract Meta data from websites.
  • Searching & collecting contact information from websites
  • Searching online newspapers and news source for getting latest information
  • Collecting market research data and information from blogs to get the review on latest techno gadgets
  • Extracting and summarizing stories from online news sources
  • Gathering information about competitors business (product, prices and description)
  • Collect information from competitors database to monitor market