Outsource Survey Processing

DataEntryHelp, an offshore based survey processing service provider, offers a wide range of survey processing services that include data research, data collection, sorting of data, survey data entry, data processing, data cleansing, data conversion.

Over the years we have served several customers based in USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Italy, Germany etc. to process voluminous survey data and successfully get better business productivity thus get the most out of their revenue generation.

The survey processing services of DataEntryHelp involves capturing data from hand written as well as data that compiled in the survey forms, digitizing it and then processing, structuring and delivering them in desired format.

Global Associate can easily deal with the forms of both structured (forms that are formatted with boxes in columns or tabular designs) and non-structured varieties.

Outsource Survey Processing

DataEntryHelputilize different survey scanning methods like Optical character Recognition <?(OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) to digitize the information into a computerized database.

Outsource survey forms data entry services that may vary in finance related forms for example leasing documents, applications for loans and credit cards, signature cards, forms and claims of insurance, forms for tax, forms for government surveys, product form, questionnaires and forms of healthcare that contains updates, claims, enrollments, etc, survey forms for customer satisfaction, accounts payable and receivable and order forms, manufacturing surveys and questionnaire forms including surveys, shipping forms, order forms, product registration forms, legal form, varied application forms, web based surveys, land surveys, Wireless site surveys, academic surveys, client satisfaction surveys, Organizational in-house surveys, Census data tabulation, GPS surveys, etc to DataEntryHelp.

Outsource your survey forms data entry services to DataEntryHelp and get the accurate database delivered in a variety of format that ranges from Word, PDF, Excel, CSV, Access, XML, HTML, ASCII, DBF etc.

Benefits of outsourcing survey processing services to Global Associates

  • Assist to get operational excellence
  • Most up-to-date technologically advanced infrastructure with all trustworthy software and high speed internet connection
  • Availability of faster scanners and multi-sensor data processor
  • Computable outsourcing returns on investment.
  • Considerable cost reductions.
  • Highly efficient & skilled expert data processing professionals well versed with survey forms data entry to ensure accurate and high quality services
  • Gets access to outsourced survey processing services that are on par with the industry standards.
  • A wide range of experience with serving to small business and numerous Fortune 500 companies
  • Online survey processing and offline survey processing services available at reasonable charges.
  • State of the art security measures that prevent unauthorized access