Data processing has quickly become the lifeline for any business that depends upon bulk information. DataEntryHelp, a subsidiary of Global Associates, provides data processing services across a wide spectrum of industries. Read on to find out if your business can gain our proficient services!

Best Data Entry Services Outsourcing

DataEntryHelp is among the best of its kind in India, providing various kinds of data entry, data processing, data conversion, and document formatting services to every kind of businesses all over the world. Our professionals strive to deliver the perfect result with ultimate accuracy within the tightest deadlines.

All industries use data, and it depends upon the scale of the company whether they need separate data entry services or not. A small mom-and-pop store can manage on their own, but a corporate chain will need professional BPS help to handle their volumes of records. Below, we discuss some of the industries that need data processing services the most.

Top 5 Industries That Use Data Services the Most

Medical Data Entry Service

The Healthcare industry benefits from medical data entry services the most. Most hospitals and health clinics use manual forms for patient data input, and they create volumes of reports, prescriptions, and bills. All of that needs to get digitized, formatted properly, and uploaded to proper categories. Our data entry specialists are experienced in healthcare data entry and forms processing services.

  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Business size: Large to medium + individual practitioners
Financial Data Entry Service

The banking and finance sector is arguably the most needy industry in terms of data processing service. Each bank and finance firm produces tons of forms that need to be processed within a short time. And that's where the forms processing service from DataEntryHelp comes into work.

  • Industry: Banking and Finance
  • Business size: Any + single entrepreneurs
Property Data Management

Realtors around the world keep a lot of data about their properties - be it engineering specs, accounting stuff, or customer details. Our data entry and data management services could come in very handy in such situations. We maintain and fill up client databases, ensuring accuracy and quality under strict deadlines.

  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Business size: Large to medium
Subscriber Data Processing

Most IT and telecom companies have a lot of subscribers and they need a lot of data handled in a short time as well. For this reason, they often outsource their data processing needs to an offshore company like DataEntryServices. We process bulks of data quickly and efficiently under stringent quality control, so you can get your data right where you need it.

  • Industry: Telecom and IT
  • Business size: medium to small + Individuals
Product Data Uploading

Do you have an ecommerce site? Do you sell stuff on the internet? Do you sell stuff in your shop? Then you must be swamped under the need of collecting, encoding, storing, and categorizing information on a daily basis. Why not take help from DataEntryHelp, India's no. 1 process support firm with a robust product detailing section.

  • Industry: Retail and eCommerce
  • Business size: Any

Other industries that can benefit greatly from Data Entry Services

Publishing and Library

Gaming and Sports

Legal Services

Media and Entertainment

Government Services


Education and Evaluation

Accounting Firms

Shipping and Logistics

Insurance and Microfinance





Tourism and Hospitality

Why do companies need to outsource data processing services?

A competent offshore data entry service from India like DataEntryHelp (a subsidiary of Global Associates) will make sure all your hard copy data is digitized, and they will do so with proper accuracy and in the exact format required by your company's workflow.

This will reduce physical storage space, remove much of the hassle of dealing with paper documents, and best of all, make the data easily accessible to anywhere and everywhere you are connected.

However, trying to achieve this with an in-house department may yield quite negative results. Since data entry is a heavy task that takes up a lot of valuable time and resources for little enough profits to show at the end of the cycle, trying to do it at the core company will distract the company from their central work, reducing productivity by an alarming margin.

However, an offshore data processing firm like DataEntryHelp specializes in such kind of work and can get it done very fast, very cheaply. That is why you should always outsource your data entry needs to an offshore company in India or similar places.