Document Conversion Services

Data Entry Help is a reliable, cost-effective, guaranteed service provider and leader in document conversion since 2002.

At Data Entry Help, we provide Document conversion from any document format into the exact format you need. We almost provide full support for XML, SGML, HTML, Word Processing and most others formats.

Our Capabilities:

  • Document conversion from almost all format - SGML, XML, HTML, Word RTF files, Frame maker, Interleaf - and hundreds of others.
  • Any DTD, any schema, any specification.
  • A well-honed document conversion process with guaranteed, fully tailored results.
  • Scalable to any production level. A thousand pages, a million pages, or more - with each document, each word converted consistently, reliably and on time.
  • Support for most foreign languages including Latin based and double-byte characters.


First of all, you have to provide the document collection via FTP, CDs and DVDs, a stack of paper, or any other convenient format. Then we review your documents, prepare specifications based on your requirements, prepare samples for your review and refine the samples until all agree on what results need to look like. After that, we start up its production line to deliver converted documents on your schedule.

We easily convert your Documents to the following formats:

  • doc - Microsoft Word Document
  • xls - Microsoft Excel
  • ppt - Microsoft Power point
  • pdf - Portable Document Format
  • odt - Open Document Text Doc
  • pcx - Paintbrush Bitmap Imaget
  • png - Portable Network Graphic
  • ps - Postscript Doc
  • txt - Text Doc
Document Conversion Services