Document conversion outsourcing

DataEntryHelp is a performance based offshore electronic document conversion outsourcing company that offers a wide range of electronic document conversion services to process, manage and archive bulky volumes of any printed materials, microfilm, microfiche, paper files, books, aperture cards, slides into electronic format. These documents can be reclaimed through a through internet and electronic media.

DataEntryHelp utilize window based proprietary software and digital scanning system with OCR, ICR and OMR to convert and allocate the data or information electronically into virtual TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, searchable PDF, HTML, Framemaker etc file.

This system leads to huge benefits, avoid loosing of records, accumulate storage space, manage and find document instantly, quicker processing, minimize inaccuracies, risks and cost.

As part of its electronic document conversion services, DataEntryHelp can offer the following :-

  • PDF document conversion
  • Document digitization
  • E-Book conversion
  • HTML conversion
  • XML conversion
Document conversion outsourcing

Global Associate can preserve your document securely in centralized location with various storage media like hard drive, USB Drive, Flash Media, CD/DVD etc. Each file will be encrypted with a password to prevent unauthorized access.

DataEntryHelp can deliver the converted files in two different ways:

Via email maintaining personal and corporate accounts with customized settings and preferences. Through secured FTP upload and download generating suitable and well-organized data workflow and automated document conversion.