Outsource Document Management System

In an age of information explosion every company has to deal with increasing amount of paper based documents in their daily business activities concerning customers & vendors, products & pricings, markets and finances.

In order to enhance a) the effectiveness of the process, b) improve the functionality of the management) minimize overhead cost, d) get better customer & vendor relationships e) ensure data security, the companies are now switching over to a computerized system with advanced technologies from an expensive tedious documentation and filing practice to recognize, control, archive and retrieve data electronically from different types of document.

Outsource Document Management System

The document management system of DataEntryHelp is based on its expertise and rich experience of multifaceted workflow management and large document volumes so that the company can easily meet up the requirements of its customers.

As a leading document management service provider, DataEntryHelp has designed a unique process for its document management services. Initially all the data are captured with the help of data processing, data indexing, offline data entry, data conversion from any document whether it may be in paper form, letter, emails, faxes or EDI etc.

Then the captured data are converted into an error-free, well-structured PDF format to make the transformation system and procedure into updated centralized system. Then apply Optical Character Recognition (OCR)/ Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), OMR (Optical Mark recognition) for highly accurate data extraction from scanned images technology to check the accuracy and competence of the process.

The final output of the data is delivered in a number of file formats for example MS Word, MS Excel, WordPerfect, PDF, XML, HTM, SGML, PageMaker, FrameMaker, Quark, or in any other format as preferred by clients.

DataEntryHelp can process all kinds of forms like invoices, sales, or purchase orders; market surveys, tax statements, or credit card applications; medical/insurance claims etc.

DataEntryHelp can also apply latest information management standards like XML/HTML coding with adherence to W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) to characterize, validate and allocate documents into structured electronic formats.

Once the data or document is captured, HTML and XML coding and tags are applied and a stringent quality check is performed to the final output to ensure coding accurateness, data reliability, sequence verification, error deletion, and validation as indicated by client.

Benefits of outsourcing document management services to DataEntryHelp :-

  • A full range of document management solution with data capture, coding, indexing, and linking through to data processing, database creation/configuration/updation, data storage, and retrieval
  • Provides a protected central repository for documents to repossess the document effortlessly through a web browser
  • Minimize storage, retrieval, handling and processing costs
  • Support and enhance publication and organizational procedure
  • Increase communication between teams
  • Offers concurrent access to documents by numerous business units
  • A well qualified and experienced professional team comprising of trained staff and management team with excellent language skill and well versed with the current documentation systems and proven expertise in latest tools & technologies
  • Best industry practices and abide by international quality standards
  • Vital data must be captured accurately and stored securely for effective document management, crucial transaction execution, strategic decision making, and enhanced customer support.
  • Safe and sound backup of your valuable data and client can view and recover the latest information at any time
  • Data will be always protected with the Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) with all clients and employees