Data Capture Outsourcing

DataEntryHelp, an offshore based business process outsourcing firm, is a trusted outsourcing partner for all kinds of data capture services.

DataEntryHelp has widespread its business to the leading countries like USA, UK, Australia, South Africa, Canada, France, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Denmark, Hong-Kong, Netherlands, Germany, Mexico and other Countries.

As part of its data capture services, DataEntryHelpcan capture, process and manage of all kinds of business data & information efficiently and digitize them perfectly and store in a centralized location reducing time-critical and cost-sensitive file management steps & costs of paper delivery. DataEntryHelp can deal with all kinds of online & offline dat capturing services from text and numeric based documents (printed or handwritten) that may range from time sheets, paper, published subjects, manuscripts, scanned pictures, receipts, microfilms, subscriptions application forms of any kind (credit-cards, loans, product registration etc.) and valuable information from any web based documents.

DataEntryHelp has a team of experienced & expert data entry operators who can manually enter data from a hard copy or paper based document into an electronic format. Besides DataEntryHelp can also utilize high-tech technology like OCR (optical character recognition), ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition), OMR (Optical Markup Recognition) system to capture data from book, handwritten document, PDF, manuscript etc. and transform it to any electronic format like word, excel, access, rich text etc for making the data editable.

Data Capture Outsourcing

Outsource data capture servicesto DataEntryHelp to receive 99.9% error free digital e-documents as the company maintains high standard manual validation process with double entry and proof reading system.

DataEntryHelp also ensure protection and confidentiality for long term protection of your documents.

DataEntryHelp can execute the following Data Capture Services:

  • Capture web data online
  • Capture data from web directories
  • Capture data from survey forms and Questionnaires
  • Forms data capture - Surveys and Questionnaires/Patient records/Student enrollment form/ Customer application forms
  • Data capture of market report
  • Data capture from legal documents
  • PDF data capture
  • Data capture from competitor website
  • Data capture from microfilms, magnetic tapes and cards
  • Data capture from multiple receipts, vouchers and coupons
  • All kind of medical and legal data capture

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