Data Capture Services

The word "Data Capture" refers to the transforming of written or typed information from hard copies to a computerized media. Data capture involves the manual data entry, optical character recognition (OCR) and imaging or recording which are needed to convert into a digital form. This captured data can be presented to the client through compact disk, or by using e-mail, direct data communication, dial-up communication and File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

We provide at DataEntryHelp - high level of accuracy, timely deliveries, total confidentiality and cost effective Data Capturing services which are ideally suited to high volum

We applications such as forms processing, key entry, keying from images, OCR and PDF conversion, data extraction from the web, electronic publication, file conversion and more to capture any form of information to electronic format.

Our Services

We undertake a complementary set of document and data capture services like scanning of documents, scanning of drawings, microfiche scanning, microfilm scanning, photograph scanning, bulk document scanning, Image archive, direct mail, digitization of microfilm/fiche card and cartridge, Form Design and Data Analysis, Tally Chats, Interactive Capture, Batch Keying etc.


Documents are scanned to a digital format. Special software is used to extract data from scanned documents. Data is then stored in database or other file formats.

DataEntryHelp can present the Captured Data in a large variety of formats that can be incorporated into any modern system. These formats include:

- Flat ASCII files (Text) || Comma delimited files || Microsoft Access files || Microsoft Excel files

We follow manual validation procedures with state-of-the art software. Moreover, data integrity is ensured at DataEntryHelp.

We have extensive knowledge in data capture from handwritten forms or to capture most types of textual materials.

Form based Data Capture:-

  • Application forms
  • Memos
  • Survey/Research Forms
  • Attendance records
  • Reports
  • Warranty Cards/Customer Satisfaction Cards
  • Instruction manuals
  • Birth marriage records
  • Questionnaires
  • Business cards
  • Directories/Yellow Pages
  • Index cards
  • Mailing Lists
Data Capture Services
  • Product warranties
  • Product registration cards
  • Catalogues/ Manuals
  • Coupon redemptions
  • Dictionaries/Encyclopedias
  • Credit card applications
  • CVs/Resumes
  • Shipping documents
  • Telephone/Mobile Bills
  • Subscriptions
  • Electricity Bills
  • Bank statements
  • Airway Bills
  • Credit card statements
  • Patient Records
  • Property details
  • Insurance Claims
  • Medical claims
  • Charts, graphs
  • Accounting and Book Keeping
  • Tax forms
  • Financial statements
  • Payroll records
  • Library Records etc.
  • Time sheets [whether printed matter or handwritten]

Full-Text Data Capture:-

  • Full-text and tabular oriented materials with SGML, HTML, XML or special markup/encoding.
  • Full-text data capture in case of books, journals, manuscripts, magazines, PDF files & so on.
  • Full text data capture in case of legal database.
  • Full text data capture in title plants and title policies.
  • Mortgage documents such as assignments and liens, etc.
  • catalogs and brochures
  • technical manuals
  • resumes

Why choose our Data Capture Services:-

  • We maintain Greater Accuracy level. All data is entered and verified ensuring an error rate of below 0.04%.
  • With our better quality and process control we can easily identify and recover error.
  • Speedy processing of our service enables us to deliver the final product on time.
  • Data capturing prices are highly competitive. The cost of a particular project can fluctuate depending on the complexity of the input form, the volume, as well as the project period. Otherwise we maintain a standard price.
  • As many organizations experience difficulties we provide Lower Financial and Human Resource Processing costs justifying additional staff to perform in-house functions.
  • By outsourcing the functions, you can access experts in the field, and do not have to be concerned about all the administration involved in additional recruitment.
  • Quick turnaround of data within deadline.
  • Online export of data & images.
  • Secure document handling.
  • Customized Export, Archive, back-up and retrieve.
  • Ready to process multiple languages.
  • Monthly MIS & statistical reports on processed data.