OCR Clean Up Services

With loads of documents at their disposal, companies are finding it time-consuming and costly to perform manual data entry work. This is where the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) services of an expert can come to your aid.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the process of converting an image of printed text into ASCII or Unicode from where machines can read text from paper and convert them into soft copies. These soft copies can later be stored, retrieved and edited by individuals or machines. OCR can recover valuable information and format it in reusable form. Information can be gathered from various sources like old paper files, resumes and applications, forms, address labels etc. It results in reducing paper management costs and easy access to valuable information.

Data entry through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is faster, more accurate and more efficient than keystroke data entry. In several cases of text conversion, OCR provides an alternative to keyboarding / data entry, or can be part of a mixed data entry/OCR process.

As we know that this process is extremely sensitive, we always carry out it with utmost care. As errors are inherent in OCR process, we offer OCR cleanup services along with OCR services. OCR services alone cannot meet the requirement of the client when the highest possible levels of accuracy have first priority. For this, we combine the in-depth business expertise and a variety of methodologies to provide high precise OCR services. At Data Entry Help, we perform OCR cleanup services to compare original documents against the OCR files to correct misread characters. Our OCR and OCR cleanup services can be utilized in a wide range of data capture requirements such as insurance forms, medical forms, banking forms, bill remittance forms, survey forms, bounded books, directories, magazines and periodicals. OCR cleanup job are necessary in the areas of footnotes, tables, and technical data.

You can use our OCR Clean Up Services in the follwing areas:-

  • Photographs
  • Artwork
  • Brochures
  • Marketing materials
  • Flyers
  • Resumes and application forms
  • Tax forms, payroll forms, salary slips
  • Colored text or black text on white paper
OCR Clean Up Services

The OCR Tools used at Data Entry Help India: Our infrastructure includes specialized & high-end scanners with automatic document feeders, the best OCR technologies in the market & and the staff to make sure that the data has the quality necessary for your OCR cleanup jobs. Scanned images are stored and converted into any file format, depending on your needs and document management systems.

We deliver digital images and indexing information in formats specified by our customers from TIFF to PDF formatted images, generally stored at 300 dpi. We can output virtually all industry standard imaging formats and can scan images at a resolution of up to 600 dpi.