Backlink Building Services

Link building is one of useful techniques for getting more traffic to the website. Actually it is another internet marketing tool but is often considered as the part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It ensures you will be getting sufficient traffic to your website as your website goes one step ahead in achieving SEO by making its present higher in search engine free results. It is the tool which always yields high return on investment (ROI).

Website owners or entrepreneurs often fail to understand the importance of link building in internet marketing or SEO. They think a well-written content or an attractive website is sufficient to divert traffic towards the webpage. But in practice that is not the fact. Users, quite naturally visit most popular pages related to the subject of the products/services your website is offering or they want to see more or other relevant topics after visiting your website. So you must include useful back links in your website.

Increase your popularity with thousands of in-bound links. We have a very comprehensive strategy for accomplishing this for you. With our one way links we provide you with valuable keyword rich links by the hundreds or thousands depending on your needs. SEO Marketing gets your site visibility and hundreds of in-bound links through our press release and ghost writing for article creation. We also distribute your press releases and articles for you.

Backlink Building Services

Directory Submission

DataEntryHelp offers a variety of directory submission services to help promote your website. We have the list of several free directories that we can submit to. So depending on your needs and budget we can submit to just a few dozen or a few hundred. Each entry is fully manually hand submitted to provide variety of site title, descriptions, and keywords and to increase success of site acceptance.

Website Optimization Services

By reviewing your site, DataEntryHelp will find the trouble spots and recommend how to optimize your site so that it can be properly indexed by the search engines. This can involve as little work as modify the text on your page(s), to a full website re-design. We will tell you what we think must be done for best success and then we can balance the actual work done to keep it in your budget. We perform two types of works for optimization of a website i.e. on-site optimization and off-site optimization.

Keyword Research

There is no point in optimizing your site if we have not clearly defined what keywords best describes your service and/or product(s). We will discuss with you your business to better understand what it is you do, review your current website, look at your competitors, and then begin an exhaustive research of which keywords to choose that will give you the most traffic for the least cost.

Free Consultation

We provide free consultation for the life of your contract with us. What does this mean It means you may call us or e-mail us at any time to ask us questions on work performed, current work in-progress, future work or any other topic we can help with.

Granted Search Engine Ranking:

We do not promise unfounded and unrealistic goals. We do however provide the latest technology and organic search engine optimization techniques that will without a doubt boost your internet traffic and revenue and reduce your internet marketing costs. We have worked with customers that have increase their traffic by 300-600% thus skyrocketing their web revenues and ROI (Return on Investment). Our organic-natural search engine optimization services (organic-natural SEO) naturally improves your ranking in search engine which obviously decreases the need for paid advertising allowing your company to allocate your resources in more efficient ways.