eBook Conversion Services

Basically an E-book is a collection of similar topic content in electronic form. E-book is very cost effective marketing tool to generate brand awareness in the Internet Market. It attracts a huge amount of search engines visitors to your web site and enhances the visibility on web.

DataEntryHelp is a professional conversion service provider company. At DataEntryHelp, we have been providing reliable & cost effective solution for many years to both Indian and global clients. We almost provide book conversion to format your e-books.

At DataEntryHelp we hold the expertise for a comprehensive range of book conversion services for both printed material and electronic formats. We specialize in e-book conversion projects of any size or capacity and ensure quality along with fast turn around time.

eBook Conversion Services

At DataEntryHelp we undertake all kinds of printed books, paper-based data, web based articles and manuscripts as well as paper based articles for conversion. The final output is provided in fully electronic format such as e-book, ezines, e-brochures, e-research papers and e-journals that can be uploaded on the web after converting them into HTML pages.

Once we analyze your business process and requirements, we will suggest you the best suited formatting parameters like indentations, paragraphs, margins, page numbers, headings, quotes, footnotes/endnotes and citations. All the book conversion projects are monitored throughout the entire process to ensure that it follows our client's specification. No compromise is made on the quality and accuracy of the work. We also take pride in providing timely delivery of all the services.

Our Book Conversion Services encompass the following:-

  • We have highly skilled manpower who can convert all kinds of books, catalogues and journals which may consist of images, tables, graphs, etc.
  • We provide quality e-book conversion that people can easily refer to.
  • We can help publish online a wide range of formats like HTML, PDF and other file formats.
  • We can create online brochures and magazines.
  • We follow a professional approach and step-by-step procedure to produce any volume of given work to our client in very reasonable rate in given TAT.